How To Start A Virtual Bookkeeping Business In 5 Simple Steps

March 16, 2020 Bookkeeping

how to start a bookkeeping business

I asked her what advice she had for someone who is thinking about getting started in this industry. Overall, the Bookkeeper Business Launch course is a solid program if you want to start your own business. You should invest in a quality bookkeeping course that teaches you the skills you need to be a successful bookkeeper. Because clients trust you with their money, having an ultra-professional working environment may be important to some of your clients. If you have children or other people living with you, clients may see your home as an insecure environment. Finally, having meetings at your home might make your clients feel uncomfortable.

The digital age has brought endless possibilities to start online businesses of all shapes and sizes, so there’s something out there for all types of people. Take advantage of courses and training to learn new skills and expand your service offering. Don’t be afraid to increase fees as your capabilities grow. It’s also helpful to develop a contingency plan in case you’re unable to work for a period of time. Whether this is due to illness or a family matter, it’s incredibly helpful for your brand if you’re able to offer your clients a suitable alternative. Knowing where you eventually want to end up is helpful when you begin planning.

When you’re first starting out, your goal needs to be landing your first client. Once you’ve checked that box, you can begin developing your skills and refining your specialty. Below, we’ve done the legwork for you to provide a free guide to starting a home-based bookkeeping business today. A business plan involves outlining your plans for your company in detail. It is a comprehensive document that explains not only your services, but also your market and the competitive advantage you’ll have in your business. You’ll create projections and make plans for your growth.

how to start a bookkeeping business

franchise an existing bookkeeping company, it’s possible that they already have purchased liability insurance . You’ll also need to purchase errors and omission insurance. Not only is this a legal requirement in many situations, but it also will prevent you from getting sued. Bookkeepers are responsible for your client’s personal data as well as maintaining retained earnings accurate records, and when you don’t do this effectively, you could have a lawsuit on your hands. Make sure that you choose an advanced option when selecting your bookkeeping package. This costs a bit more, but you’re a professional and need to make the investment. Starting a bookkeeping business is one of the best ways to ensure this.

Establish A Business Mailing Address

We also provide your new business registered agent service, free business forms and guides, and much more. A strong bookkeeper must have extensive training in math, excellent organizational how to start a bookkeeping business skills, and a lot of integrity. Listening to your clients and understanding their unique needs will show you’re genuine and truly care about their financial future.

how to start a bookkeeping business

Some bookkeepers establish larger companies with hundreds of clients but first, you have to land enough clients to sustain yourself, personally. This article and related content is the property of The Sage Group plc or its contractors or its licensors (“Sage”). Please do not copy, reproduce, modify, distribute or disburse without express consent from Sage. This article and related content is provided as a general guidance for informational purposes only. Accordingly, Sage does not provide advice per the information included. This article and related content is not a substitute for the guidance of a lawyer , tax, or compliance professional. When in doubt, please consult your lawyer tax, or compliance professional for counsel.

You will be fully equipped to start and grow a successful accounting practice. Apply prepaid expenses your understanding of the core accounting principles to specific industries.

In reality, QuickBooks is cheaper for smaller businesses, and Xero is cheaper for larger businesses. You’ll also have access to tutorials and webinars to ensure you continuously learn more about your trade. There’s both an online and desktop application you can use, but it’s best to choose the online version. Potentially you could try them all out for a full month each before deciding which to purchase, but in reality, this might be unwise if you want consistency with your finances.

What Are The Keys To Launching A New Bookkeeping Business?

After you’ve legally registered your business, you’ll need somewhere to stash your business income. Having a separate bank account keeps records distinct and will make life easier come tax time. It also protects your personal assets in the unfortunate case of bankruptcy, lawsuits, or audits. And if you want funding down the line, from creditors and investors alike, strong business financial records can increase the likelihood of approvals. If you already have “checked that box” of#LifeGoalsin another discipline or if you don’t care about the official sheepskin, then steer clear of the college courses. They don’t teach you enough about modern bookkeeping software OR about how to be a small business owner.

That, in many ways, is the first step for a new entrepreneur. Once they’ve found a tax solution that can help them achieve their goals, they’ll be able to begin tackling the other day-to-day tasks and questions of running a business.

Showing a certificate to demonstrate credentials also will help you get clients as a less experienced bookkeeper. Most bookkeepers use digital software to help them balance the books, which stops them from becoming disorganized and losing client financial information. This means that your clients will always be satisfied and likely to promote you to their professional contacts. As you work, you’ll find new ways to keep your business up with each client. You’ll be doing a lot of thinking and planning ahead of time.

Attend Accounting

You can learn how to write a business plan, find a mentor from a local or regional chapter, and they have an entire “learning center” where you can find tons of basic business courses. A bookkeeper may be able to prepare some of the tax forms required by Income Tax Services. Even though the bookkeepers do not prepare tax returns, having books up-to-date can bring significant savings.

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Starting a business is filled with new and challenging decisions. However, once the business is up and running, it’s common to be unprepared for typical day-to-day operations. Anticipating these concerns helps make sure you’re working as efficiently as possible. Once you’ve selected a location and determined your goals, it’s time to consider the nuts and bolts of owning a business. Your online resource to get answers to your product and industry questions.

He currently works in New York City as a copywriter and all across North America for a variety of editing and writing enterprises. You don’t need to be certified to be a bookkeeper in the United States. These will vary depending on whether you’re planning on a brick and mortar or online venture. However, there are some that are common to both like licenses, permits, advertising and marketing and utilities. You need to take an objective look at the market you’re proposing to be in. One of the areas that’s really important here is market saturation.

For instance, Thomson Reuters makes its CS Professional Suite of tax and accounting software available as hosted online solutions and designed its Onvio products to run entirely in the cloud. While perhaps a bit esoteric, defining your business’s purpose is crucial. Knowing why you’re starting a firm can help you define your target market, whether it’s helping small businesses, real estate, or another service area. As you start investing in your bookkeeping business, be sure to choose software that not only helps you comply with all state and national laws, but also makes your workload lighter.

how to start a bookkeeping business

One good option is QuickBooks, which has an online version. You need separate, how to start a bookkeeping business checking, savings, and perhaps credit card accounts under your business name.

Put The Startup Costs Aside

As you keep growing, continually reassess the amount of time you’re spending on your books and how much that time is costing your business. Improving your store’s gross margin is the first step toward earning more income overall. In order to calculate gross margin, you need to know the costs incurred to produce your product. To understand this better, let’s quickly define both cost of goods sold and gross margin. Canadian store owners only need to start collecting GST/HST when they have revenues of $30,000 or more in a 12-month period.

  • With training from Bookkeeper Business Launch, you will be on your way to offering your services to business owners and entrepreneurs.
  • It can be used for your bookkeeping business, allowing you to view your clients’ finances and create financial reports, among other things.
  • Is there a specific business niche that interests you (e.g. retail, automotive, or manufacturing)?
  • Depending on your business model, you may be planning to purchase and import goods from other countries to sell in your store.
  • For instance, you might have an unexpected downturn in sales due to uncontrollable external circumstances, or maybe you need a financial boost during slow periods in a seasonal business.
  • It’s a premium job board that features online work at home jobs.

I do not recommend that you invite clients to your home office unless you know them very well and you have a private room where you can work. Check out tips to consider when creating your home office to learn more of the do’s and don’ts when setting up a home office. One of the tools that you will use quite a bit is a document sharing program.

Second, I recommend that you get in touch with a lawyer who can assess your particular situation and help you make the right decision. Naming your business can be both a fun and stressful exercise. Your name must convey your brand, since that is what a potential customer will see before they sit down with you for that initial consult. You want to make sure that your business name says exactly what you do, so that people don’t have to guess. This is not the time to be “cute” unless you can also accomplish “clarity” about what it is that you do at the same time. Take a look at our How to Become a Certified Bookkeeper guide for all of the details on the requirements, cost and certification exams.

Here is a beginner’s guide to building a bookkeeping business so that you can know everything you need to know about starting your own bookkeeping business. Small business needs to keep track of the finances to gauge their success, fix what isn’t working and know when it’s time to grow. This, in turn, opens the opportunity for yet another kind of small business startup. If you have the proper skill set you could start your own accounting or bookkeeping firm. Before you start courting clients, make sure you have an attractive and professional website in place.