The hinge allows you to fold the screen fully, moving the keyboard to behind the screen so that you can use the device as a tablet

July 11, 2018 blog

The hinge allows you to fold the screen fully, moving the keyboard to behind the screen so that you can use the device as a tablet

That said, if you’re looking for one of the most powerful Chromebooks on the market and you don’t have to worry about upgrading for the next few years, this is the one for you. Lenovo C330 Convertible Laptop, 11.6-Inch HD. Intel Celeron N3060 1.6GHz. 14-inch display. 32 GB is more than enough, and although you can’t store many games there, if you buy the best Chromebooks for kids, it’s likely to be for schoolwork rather than games, so you won’t be able to install many games are not a bad thing. For this reason, I find the additional cost difficult to justify compared to the tastes of the Acer Chromebook 514. Compared to many Chromebooks on the market, this Google Chromebook Pixel is a powerhouse. Just consider the fact that it has a screen resolution of 2560 x 1700. If a simple multimedia Chromebook is what you seek for your child, then you must take a look at this product from Acer. Chromebook 11 features a widescreen display, which is ideal for watching movies and videos. Intel Celeron N3060 1.6GHz. 14-inch display.

32 GB of flash memory. Cost: Est. $600. This Chromebook from Lenovo comes with a 64 GB memory, and also has a slot for an SD card, which further expands the total space available. The hinge is designed to flip the screen flat and fold the device to use it as a tablet. 1280 x 800 pixels. Cost: Est. $120.

With this feature, the Chromebook will stand well. Battery Life: Most of Chromebook should have a good level of battery life in order to help your kids to finish their homework properly without data loss. Acer 514 Full HD Touch Display. If money isn’t a problem, the Acer Chromebook 514 is a super powerful Chromebook. The Chromebook won’t do anyone any good if it doesn’t hold a charge long enough for your child to take it to the class he needs to audit, or it doesn’t make it to the end of the learning app he needs for school. And there’s nothing more frustrating (and scary! ) than your computer dying without you being 100% sure your work was saved.

The 4GB RAM provides adequate power for the child to browse the internet and multitask with apps smoothly. Many parents shared that HP’s Chromebook comes very handy for completion of their children’s homework and school projects. Some main features of the Chromebook come from free installation. Therefore, the cost is cheaper. The HD IPS touch display supports 10-finger touch to swipe, organize and edit all of your files and screens. Yet, it still has a fully functional and user-friendly keyboard.

12.1-Inch screen. 1280 x 800 pixels. A Chromebook is a specific type of laptop, generally less expensive but a bit more limited on options, as well. Since you wont be paying for Microsoft’s licensing or the Apple logo, the cost can be a bit lower. 13? to 15? Screen Chromebook for Kids. Acer 14-Inch FHD Flagship Chromebook. Internet and boot speeds are also fast, allowing kids to get started on their activities immediately. 11.6 inches.